Our primary investment areas

With Vaekstkapital, you gain access to compelling investment opportunities within private equity, renewable energy, real estate, and forestry. We specialize in pioneering new paths, identifying investment opportunities that may be undiscovered by others - from the batteries that will enable the future electrification of society to a booming housing market in Southeastern Europe.

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Private Equity

Support growth and innovation in dynamic sectors

Explore exciting private equity investment opportunities where you can support growth and innovation across various sectors. Vaekstkapital provides you with the access to invest directly in interesting growth companies, all rooted in tangible assets.


Attractive returns and a positive impact on people and the environment

As a pioneer in renewable energy investments, Vaekstkapital allows you to support climate-friendly energy production. Our investment opportunities include solar, wind, and other green technologies that not only generate good returns but also contribute to the green transition.

Real Estate

A source of attractive returns and long-term value appreciation

Vaekstkapital offers access to carefully selected real estate investments ranging from commercial properties to residential developments. With our real estate market expertise and meticulous due diligence processes, we ensure that your investments have the potential to deliver stable income and long-term value appreciation.


A climate-conscious and long-term investment

Investing in forests is a reliable source of long-term gains. Vaekstkapital gives you access to forestry operations that not only protect our natural resources but also provide stable income streams through timber production and forest-related activities.

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