Credit investment

We have many years of experience in credit investments, with a particular focus on mortgage security, risk diversification, and high returns. 

At Vaekstkapital, we see debt investments as a method for stable returns and long-term value appreciation. At the same time, credit investments are a way to protect your investment against fluctuating asset values, because when you invest in debt instruments through funds, you gain access to a stable cash flow based on the ongoing interest payments from the underlying assets.

Vaekstkapital only works with investment funds with a high degree of diversity in their credit portfolios, so you can achieve a solid return adapted to the risk of the funds. Credit investing is not just about buying notes and bonds, but about diversifying your portfolio so there is a higher proportion of alternative investments.
Credit investing can have several benefits - here are some of them:

  • Returns and stability: Investing in debt securities gives you security in the underlying assets. You don't have the same risk as the asset’s owner, but you have a preferential asset via a mortgage in the event of a crisis. This gives you long-term financial stability.

  • Diversification: Credit investing adds a unique diversification to your portfolio. Credit tends to have a low correlation with traditional financial assets, which helps mitigate risk and optimize the overall portfolio.

  • Market fluctuations: Investing in credit investments has historically proven to protect investors from market fluctuations. The interest from borrowers is usually always paid, which protects you in times of crisis.

  • Analysis: A thorough analysis of the underlying assets should occur to minimize as much risk as possible. Credit investments are suited to professional investors, who see portfolio diversification as a strength.

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