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The leading growth partner in the small- and mid-cap market in Denmark

Vaekstkapital is the leading growth partner in the small- and mid-cap market in Denmark and your gateway to investments in these segments; investments normally reserved for pension funds and other institutional investors.

We have our origins in the Danish Investment Fund, which began its journey in 1976 and has offered over 190 projects and facilitated more than DKK 30 billion to companies and investment projects across Europe since its inception.

Vaekstkapital was founded with the vision of increasing personal contact with professional investors and today focuses on growth companies in the small- and mid-cap segments.

With a solid foundation in the investment sector, we have inherited and built on decades of invaluable expertise and a successful investment track record within Denmark and across Europe: from forest investments in the Baltics and wind turbines in Germany to real estate projects in Southeast Europe.

Vaekstkapital is registered as an AIFM (alternative investment fund managers) with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, so that we can market and arrange sales of the investment funds we manage through our registration.

We extend the opportunity for partners seeking capital to advertise through our platform, utilizing channels such as advertisements and newsletters. We maintain transparency by clearly indicating whether the advertisements are promoting our funds or representing our partners. In the case of partner advertisements, if you wish to learn more, we encourage direct contact with the respective company. It's important to note that we exclusively assist with investments related to our managed funds and do not provide support for investments made through our partners.

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Our promise to you

Whether you want to diversify your portfolio or need capital to support green energy, invest in real estate, or participate in exciting growth opportunities, Vaekstkapital is the right partner for you.

When you choose Vaekstkapital as your investment partner, you gain:

  • Access to professional investments with a direct dialogue between you and the company. This ensures that you get the opportunity to make sure the investment is tailored to your specific goals and risk tolerance.


  • Access to carefully selected investment opportunities that are characterized by a solid structure and reasonable returns, above what you can normally achieve in the market on your own.


  • Transparency and honesty in all our business relationships.


  • Attention to climate, environment, and ethics in our choices.


  • Personal service and support from our dedicated team around possible investments. We put you in direct contact with the relevant opportunities in different companies or funds.


Currently, we concentrate on Northern Europe from our office in Hellerup, Denmark and Southern Europe from our office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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